Quad Biking

Hello there folks, Dave is back for his next instalment. You may remember in an earlier post that we talked about Motor-cross and Dirt-biking. This post is all about Quad-biking.

As I had decided to start-up this Sports blog, it’s pushed me into reading-up on a lot of sports that I wasn’t previously too familiar with. I’ve always thought that quad bikes look pretty mean and you always feel a little jealous when you see someone riding one nearby. I want to discuss some of the new quad bikes available on the market right now and what kind of specs these bikes have. Just before I do though, he’s a brief run-down on quads and where they came about.

Quad Bikes: A brief run-down

Quad bikes are a form of ATV (all-terrain vehicle). You’ll hear some people refer quads as four-wheelers or quadricycles. You can also get 3-wheeler ATV’s. In fact, there are even 6-wheeler models. By definition, a quad is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires. The seat is central and the bike is controlled by a set of handle-bars rather than a steering wheel. As ATV implies, a quad is designed for varied terrain which is why they are popular for people who work in muddy environments like a farm for example. Quads are usually only single seaters but new tandem-quads have been designed in recent times and have the ability to seat the driver and a passenger. Quads have the potential to be pretty powerful. Whilst they start at around 49cc, you can get quads above 1000cc.

In most countries, quads aren’t classified as street legal however this can vary from country to country. Vehicles that resembled modern days ATV’s were in existence way back in the late 1800’s. Three wheelers were popular from the mid-60’s up until the late-80’s which is when the 4-wheel design that we’re now accustomed too, first came into fruition.

Affordable Quad Bikes on the Market

So here we go then, here’s a list of some of the quad bikes available on the market today, starting with a couple of the more affordable one’s. If you can’t afford something brand spanking new, then you can find second-hand quads at reasonable prices. Search www.for-sale.co.uk/quad-bikes old used quad-bikes for sale.

Kawasaki Brute-Force 750 4X4I EPS

This is a true all-terrain performer as the name suggests. I hadn’t appreciated quite how powerful quads could be until I saw the specs on this bad boy. The Brute-Force has the ability to tow up to 1,250 lbs. Not only that, it can carry goods in its cargo bay weighing up to 264 lbs. It’s a 2-speed automatic reverse transmission with a 4-stroke, V-twin, SOHC, Liquid-cooled engine. Rated at 749cc’s it’s pretty mean. This bike can be picked up for around 8-grand which isn’t bad really depending on how you look at it.



Yamaha Raptor 700R SE

The Yamaha comes in at a similar price to the Kawasaki. The 686cc fuel injected animal is regarded by many as the best sports quad on the market. Thanks to a hybrid steel and aluminium frame it’s also the lightest in its class. It sports a 5-speed with reverse transmission and wet multi-plate clutch. The design of this bike is also stylish and there are a wide-range of colour schemes available.



Gibbs Quadski

This isn’t like any other quad bikes you’ll see on the market. The Quadski is n amphibian quad bike so when it says all-terrain, it means all-terrain. Gibbs Technologies specialize in amphibian technology so they have a fair idea what they’re doing. The name quadski as you can probably work out, derives from quad bike and jetski. This bike also has an XL version allowing two riders. It has a beastly engine with 4-cylinders at a whopping 1300cc which is double the power that the first two bikes mentioned can muster. It can reach a staggering 45mph, not only on land but also on water. It uses a Gibbs patented jet propulsion technology making it even more unique. It can travel up to around 2 hours on water and around 600km on land from full fuel capacity. You can understand why this vehicle comes in at around 60-grand. Bear in mind the fact also that it’s been 15 years in the making.



What other manufactures sell Quads?

There are a lot of other brands out there, Arctic Cat, Can-Am, SYM etc. I like the look of some of the Hondas, they have a wide selection available, some of which are a little more affordable than the ones I’ve highlighted in this post. Check out the Honda Website for a look at their latest range.


Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, see you next time.