So you Want to Play Golf 

Hello you lovely people, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. My youngest son told me he wanted to try golf this weekend, and I am all over that idea. I showed him my post on golf for beginners and he still seems pretty positive about it, so we went shopping. It wasn’t long before we realized that buying him a new set of golf clubs and other gold gear was going to be way too expensive, so we went the used route. We looked at together and found him everything he needs to get started, which was a lot less than we both thought. Here are the basic golf items you need to get started golfing.

 Golf Training


Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs should be obvious, how else will you hit the ball? You need a group of clubs to play a full game without any real disadvantages; 2 woods 5 irons and a putter are a good basic set. We managed to find a slightly larger used set on and although he hasn’t used 3 of the irons yet or one of the woods, I think it will be a good investment if he continues to play golf. If you have the funds or are lucky enough to find a large set like we did, pick them up and try to get it as diverse as possible, especially for a beginner.

  Golf Clubs

Golf Balls

I have always played with used golf balls when I am out, it's cheaper and more environmentally friendly. When I say cheaper, I mean a lot cheaper too. I bought a whole 10 liter bucket of used golf balls from for $15! They charge that much for 3 balls at the pro shop so even if he keeps putting them in the water hazards it won’t cost us much.

Used Golf Balls

Training Aids

For a beginning golfer, being able to practice a little bit before heading onto the grass is always appreciated. That is why I went and found my son a SkyCaddie, which attaches to the club and helps you to develop a mechanically sounds golf swing. This lets him takes a couple practice swings outside and adjust the technique he is using that day in order to get the best hit. My wife was a little skeptical about it, but I think that it has been invaluable. He has improved his swings a lot faster than I did at his age.


Bag It Up

The only thing you need now is a golf bag. Usually you will get this with a set of clubs, if not they are one of the cheaper pieces of equipment to buy. Once you get your bag from wherever you choose, put everything in their pockets, fill the rest with useless junk and head to the golf course. We have been trying to go every week now, and he loves it. I hope that this was an informative post for everyone, and if you want to read another like this then check out my post on Manchester United’s latest roster moves. Take care.