As you have noticed, I especially love motor sports. One of my passions is to go see motor rallies on weekends. From the smallest to the largest rally, these races always impress me. I would like explain you this sport because I thing that we don't talking enough of this sport.

A brief explanation

The discipline has evolved to become a speed race. Modern rallies have the particularity of not be practiced on a circuit but on roads closed to the public for the occasion. The competitions were held on different types of terrain (land, snow, asphalt, etc), so each race is different, that was I like !  Races are also composed of several stages, sometimes run night, with a suite of tests ranging from one point to another. Timed events are called special stages, not timed parties are called binding steps.

The vehicles used are generally of production cars modified within the possibilities offered by the regulation. Another feature, there is a co-driver who assists the driver in announcing the characteristics of the road in advance.

There are of course several races category, Championship according to the category of the car and the engine power. I won't talk a lot about it because it is quite complex and difficult to understand, even for me...


The biggest championship : WRC

The world rally championship is a rally car competition created by the international automobile Federation (FIA) in 1973. The most titled driver and co-driver are respectively Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena with nine consecutive titles from 2004 to 2012.

I'm a big fan of Sébastien Loeb, he's for me the best driver in the world. I had the chance to see several times and it is always a pleasure for the eyes (even if it passes to you has a speed so fast that we see only a few seconds).The website of WRC is very good if you want see beautiful videos of races !


Sébastien Loeb

Of his youth, he does not miss an opportunity "to race": be it tricycle, bike or a little later in the rental of bikes on holiday resorts. And each time, it is front that he wants to be... Barely it starts its active life that all its incomes are absorbed by the object of his dreams: a Supercinq GT Turbo. Sébastien Loeb performs his first not in car racing in 1995 under operation of detection steering wheel rally youth. He won the national finals before being downgraded second in favour of Nicolas Bernardi.

Noticed by Dominique Heintz and Rémi Mammosser, he participated in his first rally in 1997 within the Ambition Sport Auto structure the two men created from scratch to launch his amateur career.The year 1998 was marked by his encounter with Daniel Elena. He became from this date his co-pilot, who will follow in the conquest of its nine world titles.

The first time Sebastian tries a WRC with a Seat, it is at the end of the rally of Catalonia 1999 on behalf of the "Echappement" magazine. In a few rounds only, it equals the time of the pilot.

End of 2000, thanks to the active sponsorship of Didier Auriol, the FFSA offered as part of the France team two rallies in global driving a Corolla WRC. He entered the top 10 of both events. But his fate, Sebastian is going to seal it to the 2000 Var rally. Guy Fréquelin, who has closely followed the conquest of the title of Champion of France given to him a Xsara Kit Car.

The title of champion of France of the rallies and the second place at the Sanremo conquered the previous year allow Sebastien Loeb to go further in its collaboration with the Citroen Sport structure. The French team committed the young Alsatian driver on the 2002 season under his partial program in the World Championship.

2004: First world title. It is from this moment he becomes a legend: he won 9 times in a row the most prestigious rally competition.

Some additional information :

October 29, 2011, Sébastien Loeb and Dominique Heintz, who launched the career of the champion of the World Rally in 1997, announce the creation of the Sebastien Loeb Racing stable devoted to car racing on circuit. The new team made his begins in competition on the first April 2012 at the 6 hours of le Castellet.



If you want to start to drive in rally, there are many things to know. Firstly you must equip yourselves and it cost fairly expensive because there are many necessary equipment: helmet, shoes, driver gloves, combination,... and a license and an assessment each year.

It is up to you to determine your budget but if I give you an advice, there are other way to make good deals on second-hand webites like Choosing its first rally car is not an easy thing to do. You have two options that are available to you, if you have a fairly large budget, you can opt for a car fully prepared and ready to compete as the Twingo R1 for example. It will cost you about € 30,000. If you have a more modest budget, you can choose a small car, quite old preferably like the 106, 309, 205 or AX ranging in price from € 3000 and € 4000 on the internet. You will however, need to pay a little more for some repairs and installations.