Dave here. My other love is football and I am a devoted supporter of Arsenal football club and thought I would share some of my Arsenal love with you. I enjoy going to watch them play at the Emirates stadium when I can. Premiership games are very expensive so I have to pick and choose when I go, due to financial constraints. It’s cheaper to watch either the Champions League or cup games during the week. The first game I watched at the Emirates stadium, however, was a 2:0 cup loss to Chelsea. Somehow though, that did not deviate from the incredible experience I had from watching my sporting heroes play at their home ground for the first time.


My second experience watching Arsenal play at emirates was much better. It was a Champions League tie against Marseilles and Arsenal won 2:0 against their opposition, The atmosphere was incredible and I even lost my voice because I got a little too excited. I almost wet myself, honestly!


We are now reaching the stage in the season where Arsenal’s title challenge usually derails and there a big signs that they are likely to do the same yet again, despite the fact that the Premier League is there to be won. There really can be no excuse this year as other big teams are having poor seasons and Leicester, the underdogs and a team that was almost relegated last season, are top of the league by 5 points.


Is it time to start questioning Arsene Wenger’s tenure at a club he has spent 20 years building? This year really is Arsenal’s best chance by far but they are still showing the softness and lack of winning mentality that we have become accustomed to.