MMA Title Fights

    Hey there everybody, I know it’s been awhile since I had an MMA post on my sports blog so I thought I would treat you all to one after watching UFC 205. The main fight on the card, McGregor vs. Alvarez wasn’t that exciting but the other fights were pretty good. The hype for this fight was unreal, as it was the first UFC fight held in New York City and it was held at the same place that Muhammad Ali defeated Joe Frazier and it was dubbed the ‘Fight of the Century’. UFC 205 definitely did not live up to some of these historic events, but it was historic in its own right.


    There were three title bouts on the main card of the fight, the Main event being the previously mentioned let down that was McGregor knocking out Alvarez. The Welterweight championship bout had a little more weight to it (he he). Tyron Woodley fought 5 time kickboxing world champion Stephen Thompson. This fight was incredible, with it becoming a late draw after an official had to get his score card rushed in. Woodley has initially won the fight, but this was corrected by Joe Rogan after the late card came in. Thompson seemed to be out multiple times in the fight, and somehow managed to last longer in a choke move than I thought was humanly possible. The middleweight championship match of Yoel Romero and Chris Weidman was the only knockout of the night, with Weidman succumbing to a flying knee to the face from Romero. The women's Bantamweight was the most interesting fight however, as Miesha Tate lost to her once pupil Raquel Pennington and then retired after the match. Miesha Tate was has had a long successful career in the UFC and combat sports in general and has helped pave the way for female fighting sports.


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