Just Starting

Hello guys good to be back here again, I have started to do some training to change my life around a little. To be honest I started to put quite a bit of weight on with the free time I had and my new job sitting down all day did not help either. So about a month ago I just placed a 30 minute walk into my daily routine just to get my body moving more than it is now. It was surprising on the first walk how lazy I had become the time couldn’t have gone any slower, but I kept going. After two weeks of that I upped it to walking to the gym, using the gym, and then walking back, which was still about 30 minutes of walking but with a 45 minute gym session in the middle, this is when it started to get hard.

Now I am four weeks into exercise in general and two weeks into the gym and all is going well, apart from being a little sore which I am sure will die down soon. I have started off by just doing cardio like the bicycle, skipping rope and tread-der just to get my body into all the moving around and using all the different muscle groups. I plan on introducing some light weights but using them at a high rep range hopefully burning more fat than if I was just doing cardio all the time. I have already learnt from a sore back that posture is everything, but its hard work if you not used to the position that you are In. the simplest twinge and a ligament could be done for just like that and cut your exercising days on the head rather quickly.