Now, as a huge fan of athletics, it would not feel right to not start my blog with a subject that is threatening to destroy the reputation of the sport to a point in which there may be no return. The biggest pointing of the finger (and rightly so it seems) is at Russia, with many of the senior members of the IAAF requesting an immediate ban from all competitions. ‘Dick’ Pounds report, into the level of doping going on in the sport, was particularly damaging for Russia, with the alleged “state-sponsored” drug claims. Lord Coe is under massive pressure to call for a suspension. If there is anyone that can turn this around then it is Sebastian Coe. The guy is as white as snow and a very successful (clean) Olympic athlete and former world record holder of the 800m. There was a big sigh of relief when he took the job of president, but I’m not sure he envisaged the shit storm that was about to ensue, otherwise he might not have taken role.


You just have to wonder how long this kind of thing has been going on and been covered up. I used to love the sport as a child but as I am getting older you just wonder who is clean or not? And I am not saying it was better back in the 80s/90s, no way. There were less drug procedures involved then and there are a few athletes whose integrity would be easy to question. I hope that athletics can recover from this, I really do. If Usain Bolt wasn’t part of the sport you would think that its popularity would be severely depleted.


Good luck Seb!!!