Good evening guys. Hope everyone is feeling chipper. Cold weather is settling in here and I’m not a particular fan of such instances. Anyway. Today I want to talk (rant) about what is going on at FIFA, and that plebbiest of plebs, Sepp Blatter. FIFA really is in disarray… similar to the IAAF that I talked about last time. These two organisations are a bit of a laughing stock in the world of sport.


FIFA has been in the mire for quite some time now and the whole thing is a bit of a circus (quote Gary Lineker there). The amount of top officials that have been investigated and subsequently faced criminal charges is quite staggering. There was the whole debacle with Blatter saying he was going to run again, then winning, and then deciding to resign a few days later, only he is going to resign in 2016, maybe. It’s so confusing it is incredible. FIFA have got some serious work to do and it starts with making sure Blatter goes and doesn’t come back.


Then there is Platini, who is also being investigated about being given a large sum of money by Blatter. He was supposed to be the saving grace of FIFA but even he looks to be a bit of a dodgy dangler now. The problem comes with the ridiculous amounts of money being thrown around in the football world. Qatar must have shelled out a huge amount of cash to secure that World Cup. There is no way they would have gotten it otherwise.


FIFA should get Gary Lineker to be president, but then he wouldn’t host Match of the Day, which would be a shame.