Hey sports fans, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Did any of you watch UFC fight night in Kansas City, Missouri the other day? UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson defended his title against Wilson Reis and tied one of the most prestigious records in combat sports; 10 consecutive UFC title defenses. The same record that was previously owned by Anderson Silva. Johnson tied the record on Saturday with an armbar submission in the third round during the 125 pound championship bout that was the headline event. The fight had a great finish, and it became obvious that Reis was not going to win the fight after only landing 18 strikes compared to Johnson getting 135 strikes.


The Greatest of all Time(?)

After his decisive victory, Johnson declared himself the greatest of all time as the crowd cheered him on. He compared himself to past greats such as George St. Pierre and  Anderson Silva, before declaring himself better than the duo. Johnson was asked about moving up a weight class to fight stronger opponents, and gave the same answer he has given for years stating he would move up for the right price. Some people view Johnson as the number one pound for pound fighter right now, and his performance on Saturday further instilled that mantra. He was able to systematically pick apart Reis, nailing him with leg kicks from the outside and short knees and punches when inside the clinch. This quick offense ensured that Reis couldn’t establish his own attack, landing only one significant left hand during the entire night. The next possible championship fight may be against bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt as Garbrandt has expressed interest in dropping a weight class to challenge Johnson. This fight would be the one to look out for, and might happen after the Bantamweight title fight in may.


Demetrious Johnson