Best Deer Rifles of 2016

Howdy there folks, welcome back to another exciting day on my sports blog. Hunting season is in full blow right now, and as I have a lot of time off I decided to get some tags and head out. I don’t like to do this but I bought a couple rifles from a bargain shopping website, for those that want to know where. I went out with my new rifles with a friend who is a pretty avid hunter and he said I got some good deals and that one of the rifles is this years model and probably one of the top deer rifles on the market! Who knew! Anyways, I took a deeper look at some of the best deer rifles from 2016 to see if I can find any more great deals. These are the ones I am keeping an eye out for:

Mossberg Patriot Super Bantam

I Love bolt action rifles, ever since I was a teenager going to the range with my big brother. That was the first thing that drew my eyes to the Super Bantam, that and the fact that it’s a Mossberg and one of the cheapest deer rifles out. It came out with a bang last year thanks to strong feature from Mossberg like the lightning fast bolt action, spiral fluted bolt, box mag, 22-inch fluted style barrel and an incredibly wide range of options for the stock model. This year they came out with even more options, and even a camo super bantam youth model that sells for under $500.

Super Bantam Youth Model

Winchester XPR

Another long standing brand, Winchester must be proud of their little budget model. Last year the XPR debuted with a stunning four calibers, all with a nickel teflon coating on the bolt to make it that much smoother than the next operator. This year they added a bunch of new calibers, including my favourite .308 to make a mess out of things like in last weeks UFC fight. You are looking at about $599 for the Mossy Oak Country breakdown version, which is modest for what the gun is. 

Ruger American Rifle Magnum

This was actually the gun my buddy was using on our recent trip and he says it's the best he has tried in years. It’s been a popular choice for a number of years now and as such has increased the amount of calibers and configurations on the market. This big news this year however is that the gun is Magnum style, chambered in 7mm Rem mag .300 Win mag. This new Magnum version also includes options like a glass filled nylon-stock, a stainless-threaded barrel, single column box magazine and a great recoil pad for those large calibers.

American Rifle Magnum No Scope

Browning X-bolt Hells Canyon Speed

This rifle from Browning has been a staple with deer hunters for a while now, but with the new arrival of the Hells Canyon Speed model things are different. This is now a rifle for the adventurous shooter. It still features all the great X-bolt features you know and love, but with a new fluted barrel and s threaded muzzle break. All of the exposed metal parts other than the golden trigger have been encased in Burnt Bronze, including the bolt and the receiver. With Browning's proprietary A-TACS camo this rifle looks as slick as ever. The barrel length is of course dependent of the caliber and varies from 22 to 26 inches. You will be hard pressed to find one of these for under $1,100 though so it’s not exactly a budget model.

X-bolt .308 caliber

Sako A7

According to Sako, the A7 is a mix between a Tikka and a Sako, and complete with the Sako barrel and that sweet, smooth bolt action feel that the company has become famous for. The A7 comes with a full aluminum skeleton that is one solid piece with no welds what so ever, so expect it to last a long time.  The trigger comes factory set at three pounds of pressure, but that can be adjusted either up or down by one pound. Many different models and many more different stock options are available, but the buck hunter will want the Big Game version that sells for around $1,250. 

Webley and Scott Empire

Webley and Scott has put out a new bolt action deer hunting rifle called the Empire and they hope that it live up to the name. This very attractive rifle comes with a jeweled bolt, flush fit detachable magazine, and a knurled handle. As it is a new rifle, it only comes in four deer calibers currently but more are likely to be brought out for next season. 

Well, those are some of the neatest rifles that came out in 2016, hopefully you guys can get a good deal and pick one of the up like I did! See you next week.