Hello folks. My name is Matt and I am a new contributor the blog. So I just wanted to write a short post to introduce myself to you guys. Now I have never been much of traditional sportsmen so to speak. I was never much use at football, rugby or cricket. But I do have a keen interest in many of the more adventurous sports out there. And it is these topics that I will be covering and contributing to the blog. I have a keen interest in scuba diving and I recently wrote a longer post on that a few weeks back. But there are many more adventurous sports out there to get involved in and intend to share these with you. I’ve enjoyed things like whitewater rafting, canyoning, caving, water skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering, sea fishing, the list goes on! Is there any others that you can think of and would like me to write about? Just drop me a line.

I’ve had an injured ankle and a bad back of late so I’ve been unable to take part in as many activities as I would like, but that does not stop me writing about them. And write I shall. I can wait to get stuck in and share what I know with you, the readers. Anyway, I’ll say goodbye for now. I’ll back with another full post as quickly as i can get it out to you. Best I get writing! Take care and speak soon folks!