Converse chuck

28/12/2015 Main

Man denkt ja immer, dass nur Frauen auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Paar Schuhen sind. Männer haben da ab und zu aber doch mal das selbe Problem. Ein paar Schuhe müssen schließlich auch bei uns gut aussehen, bequem sein und am besten noch möglichst flexibel zu so ziemlich jedem Outfit und Anlass zu tragen sein. Seit vielen Jahren schon bin ich stolzer Träger von Converse Chucks ( Nachdem sie ja lange nicht wirklich gesellschaftsfähig waren, also nicht zu jedem Anlass tragbar, sieht man mittlerweile immer mehr Männer, die sie auch mal mit einer Anzughose oder Ähnlichem kombinieren. Außerdem kann man diese Schuhe das ganze Jahr über tragen, im Sommer mit einer kurzen Hose oder am Strand, im Winter einfach mit ein paar dicken Socken, wenn es einem ohne zu kalt ist. Momentan ist das aber noch nicht nötig. Den frühlingshaften Temperaturen im Dezember sei dank.

Ein weiterer Vorteil ist die große Farbauswahl. Nicht nur für jedes Outfit findet man hier das richtige Modell, auch jeder Geschmack kann hier auf seine Kosten kommen. Read more

Quad Biking

07/12/2015 Main

Quad Biking

Hello there folks, Dave is back for his next instalment. You may remember in an earlier post that we talked about Motor-cross and Dirt-biking. This post is all about Quad-biking. Read more

Come on England!

01/12/2015 Main

Come on England!

Just watched the final T20 match between England and India in the Cricket. Wow!, what a series for England. Finally, we’ve managed to show some good consistant form in the shorter version of the game with some really outstanding and clinical cricket. This victory is the latest in what is now a string of 6 consecutive T20 victories. This is great preparation in the build-up to next March’s World T20 over in India. Read more

Motocross UK

20/11/2015 Main

Motocross and dirt biking has reached new levels of popularity in 2015. There are more members of clubs than ever before and the community is growing rapidly. I’m proud to say that the sport came about right here in the UK, as part of an evolution from motorbike trials. During the 1960s, the Americans had gotten wind of the sport and it become very popular across the pond. By this time there were manufacturers from all over the world making motocross bikes. It wasn’t until around the mid 80s that Americans were starting to win competitions. Until then European riders had dominated all the meets and championships.

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13/11/2015 Main

Now, as a huge fan of athletics, it would not feel right to not start my blog with a subject that is threatening to destroy the reputation of the sport to a point in which there may be no return. The biggest pointing of the finger (and rightly so it seems) is at Russia, with many of the senior members of the IAAF requesting an immediate ban from all competitions. ‘Dick’ Pounds report, into the level of doping going on in the sport, was particularly damaging for Russia, with the alleged “state-sponsored” drug claims. Lord Coe is under massive pressure to call for a suspension. If there is anyone that can turn this around then it is Sebastian Coe. The guy is as white as snow and a very successful (clean) Olympic athlete and former world record holder of the 800m. There was a big sigh of relief when he took the job of president, but I’m not sure he envisaged the shit storm that was about to ensue, otherwise he might not have taken role.

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11/11/2015 Main

Good evening guys. Hope everyone is feeling chipper. Cold weather is settling in here and I’m not a particular fan of such instances. Anyway. Today I want to talk (rant) about what is going on at FIFA, and that plebbiest of plebs, Sepp Blatter. FIFA really is in disarray… similar to the IAAF that I talked about last time. These two organisations are a bit of a laughing stock in the world of sport.

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30/10/2015 Main

Does anyone else love sport as much as I do? I hope so, because that is the reason I wanted to start a blog. There are not many sports I don’t like and I spend most of my spare time catching up with what is going on around the world. I also love to play sports, so expect to hear about my latest sports wear and stuff like that.

I’m Dave, pleasure to make your acquaintance.